Foundational Soul Scale Improvisational Course

Learn how to incorporate and practice the ´secret´ jazzy notes that the greats use to imbue their solos with such much Soul, Colour and Emotion.

  • Step by step learning journey

    You will enjoy stress-free guided learning in this beautifully organised, 8 module , 176 video classes course.

  • Deep Dive in to improvisation

    Each and every concept is passionately explained, and demonstrated to provide the deepest possible learning experience.

  • Abundance of practice material

    Each lesson comes with expiring PDF exercises and specially recorded MP3 tracks for you to download - perfect for offline practice.

The Challenge

There are 2 big problems musicians face that are eager to learn to improvise, which are:

1)WHAT NOTES DO I PLAY when I improvise?
2) HOW DO I PRACTICE AND INCORPORATE these ´secret` jazzy notes?

Practice can be tough!

The Solution

The Soul Scale Course is the roadmap
(of study material, exercises and instruction videos) that will provide you with the absolute foundation you need to learn improvisation.

This is the Soul Scale Course!

  • 8 Individual Online modules, building upon each other for the most comfortable step by step learning journey

  • Each Module contains multiple on screen explainer Video lessons (176 in total)

  • Each lesson comes with its own inspiring PDF exercises of the idea being taught (Bb, C , Eb parts included)

  • Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Jazz improvisor: This course is suitable for all levels, becoming more challenging as modules advance.

  • Abundance of specially recorded MP3 tracks in multiple keys and styles that are downloadable

  • Includes Additional Pre Course Study Module that levels you up to be ready for the course! (You could say it's the secret 9th module!)

  • Interactive student community with discussions and questions answered by your peers, my tutors + me where you can share your ideas and recordings

Pricing options

176 video classes
@ $1 = $176 (Incredible value!)

Student Reviews

What previous students say about the Soul Scale!

Christoph Wagner ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great, as all the stuff at Jazzduets. Must be done with 💗

Not cheap but worth every pence! Ever searched (and now found) for a structured long time practicing and learning experience, that is straight to the point, clear and easy understandable in each detail and reproducible, especially by no pros. With the possibility to do at your own individual speed and skills . Reviews as much as needed and wherever you want. Best of all: don't get lost and perceive your progress. Didactically perfect! Thanks again Nick! Best, Chris

Sabine Fues  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Soul Scale Course

I like your ‚soulfull‘ way of teaching and playing! This is really inspiring - Thank you!

See more reviews here..

Course curriculum

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  1. 1
  2. 2
    • WATCH ME if you are new to improvisation

    • 1.1 Ways to practice the Major and Minor Arpeggios

    • 1.2 Improvising on a Blues just using Arpeggio notes

    • 1.3 Fundamental Combination Arpeggio practice around the cycle

    • 1.4 Amazing ´SECRET´Major arpeggio to know

    • 2. Swing Jazz 8th notes Explanation

    • 3. Jazz Rhythm Practice without instrument

    • The Non Symmetrical Major/Minor Arpeggio

    • I to IV Improvisation just using arpeggio notes

    • 153 stretched cycle 5 workout

  3. 3
    • 1. The Blues Arpeggio

    • 2. Mechanical Ways to Practice the Blues Arpeggio

    • 3. Why is the Blues arpeggio different descending?

    • 4. Blues Arpeggio. (deep) Drone practice

    • 5. How to play the Blues arpeggio on a Jazz Blues in Bb

    • 6. Practicing the Blues Arpeggio on a F Blues using patterns

    • 7. Demonstration F Blues solos using the Blues Arpeggio

    • 8. Playing the Blues Arpeggio on a Blues without backing

    • 9. Flexibility. Starting on different degrees of the Blues Arpeggio in F

    • 10. Blues Arpeggio Rhythmic class

    • 11.Short phrase practice Blues Arpeggio

    • 12. Cycle of 4ths/5ths practice featuring The Blues Arpeggio starting on Root

    • 13. Cycle 5ths workout starting on major 3rd, Minor 3rd and Fifth

    • 14. Variation on the Blues Arpeggio

    • 15. Starting on different Degrees of the Variation

    • 16.Blues Arpeggio Variation on a Blues

    • 17. Cycle 4ths/5ths Variation practice workout

    • 18. The Power and Soul of the 6th (on a Blues)

    • 19. Some tunes that feature the 6th

    • 20. Choice lines featuring the F Blues Arpeggio + 6th variation

    • 21. The Blues Arpeggio on a static Bb groove

    • 22. Harmonising the Blues arpeggio

    • 23. Fourteen Rhythmic exercises

    • 24.Question and Answer Bb Blues Arpeggio exercises

    • 25. Q and A Blues Arpeggio Variation exercise

    • 26. End of Module 1 checklist/ debrief

    • 27. Blues Arpeggio cycle 5 exercises

  4. 4
    • 1. The Soul Pentatonic

    • 2. Practicing the Soul Pentatonic (singing)

    • 3. Slow Drone practice of Soul Pentatonic in various keys

    • 4. Soul Pentatonic demonstration practice in 12 keys

    • 5. THE Soul Note of the Major Pentatonic vs The Non Soul, Note of the Major Scale

    • 6. Combination practice. 651

    • 7. Famous Major Pentatonic (Traditional) tunes to practice and learn by ear!

    • 8. Major pentatonic Harmonic tutorial

    • 9. Flexibility, starting on different degrees of the Bb Soul Pentatonic (Rubato)

    • 10.Short repetition exercises on Soul Pentatonic

    • 11. Different degrees of the Soul Pentatonic on slow jazz groove in F

    • 12. Different degrees of the Soul pentatonic with RHYTHM

    • 13. Rhythmic singing exercises

    • 14. Soul Pentatonic round the cycle of 4ths/5ths

    • 15. Soul Pentatonic Triplet Study on cycle of 5ths

    • 16. Soul Pentatonic lines on static F Jazz groove

    • 17. Soul Pentatonic on a static F major medium up Jazz groove

    • 18. The Soul Pentatonic on a Country Groove in Bb

    • 19. How to play the Soul Pentatonic on a Bb Blues TUTORIAL

    • 20.The Soul Pentatonic on a simple Jazz Blues in F

    • 21. The Soul Pentatonic on a simple Blues in Bb

    • 22. Soul Pentatonic on a Simple Blues in G

    • 23. Variation on the Soul Pentatonic featuring the 4th

    • 24. I to IV Soul Pentatonic Tutorial and demos

    • 25. I to IV7 Soul Pentatonic solo

  5. 5
    • 1. INTRO to module 3 + Recap of the Blues Arpeggio and Soul Pentatonic

    • 2. The Six note Soul Scale

    • 3. Practicing the 6 note Soul scale

    • 4. The Importance of the 2nd degree

    • 5. Tetratonics

    • 6. Flexibility, Starting on different degrees of the 6 note Soul Scale

    • 7. Choice lines on Six note Soul Scale

    • 8. Triplet lines on 6 the Note Soul Scale in F

    • 9. 'Circular Phrases' using Six note Soul Scale in Eb

    • 10. Six note Soul scale on a Gospel Jazz Groove

    • 11. Sixteenth Note lines on the Six note Soul Scale in F

    • 12. Cycle 4ths/5ths workout

    • 13. Cycle of 4th/5ths STUDY

    • 14. How to play the Six note Soul Scale on a Blues TUTORIAL

    • 15. In the Summertime - Blues in D

    • 16. Variation #1 (using the 4th as a passing note)

    • 17. Variation #2 (using the #5/b6)

    • 18. The importance of the inner ear

    • 19. Sixteenth note lines on a C Gospel Jazz groove

    • 20. Beat Box Funky Blues in G

    • 21. Triplet | 12/8 groove study

    • 22. Country Groove

  6. 6
    • 1. The Seven Note Soul Scale

    • 2. Practicing the 7 Note Soul Scale in 12 keys

    • 3. The Major Scale Problem

    • 4. The Muscular power of the flat 7

    • 5. Three famous Tunes that feature the flat 7th

    • 6. Cycle 4ths/5ths triplets Workout

    • 7. Cycle 4ths /5ths 16 notes

    • 8. Flexibility - Starting on different degrees - Rubato

    • 9. Different degrees over an F7 groove

    • 10. Question and Answer phrases starting on different degrees

    • 11. Choice lines on 7 note Soul Scale

    • 12. Variation of the 7 note Soul Scale with the 4th

    • 13. How to Play the 7 note Soul Scale on a Blues Tutorial

    • 14. F Blues - Analysis and Demonstration

    • 15. Question and answer phrases in D7

    • 16. Rhythmic displacement

    • 17. I7 to IV7. demonstration in F (F7 to Bb7)

    • 18. Question and Answer I7 to IV7 D7 to G7

    • 19. G7 to C7 + Rant

    • 20. All Blues Variations

    • 21. Bessies BLues cycle 5

    • 22. Bb Blues demonstration featuring the 7 note SS

    • 23. Blues in D demonstration

    • 24. Lazy blues in Eb

    • 25. Fred Wesley Solo analysis

    • 26. Fred Wesley Slow practice

    • 27. Fred Wesley 12 key practice

  7. 7
    • 1. Recap of scales used in modules 1-4

    • 2. The #4/b5 used as a passing tone

    • 3. Five famous tunes that use the #4/b5

    • 4. Ways to practice and incorporate this sound

    • 5. Cliche ending cycle workout + harmony

    • 6. Blues tutorial in F featuring the #4

    • 7. adding more chords to the simple F blues

    • 8. Bb Blues tutorial featuring the #4

    • 9. Fast Blues in F featuring #4 demonstration

    • 10. adding 6th back in to the mix

    • 11. Flexibility, starting on different degrees

    • 12. Choice lines on the 8 note soul scale

    • 13. Variations adding b6/#5

    • 14. Introducing approach notes

    • 15. Blues solo analysis - Johnny Hodges - Things ain't what they used to be.

  8. 8
    • 1. The Nine Note Soul Scale theory

    • 2. Practicing the Seven Note Soul Scale

    • 3. Cycle 5 Triplet Workout

    • 4. Cycle 4/5ths Sixteenth Note workout

    • 5. Mapping out the 12 note Soul Scale on a Blues

    • 6. Blues 12 key workout

    • 7. Funky Beatbox Blues

    • 8. Rhythm changes - Macro/Micro Concepts to improvisation

    • 9. I7 to IV7 in 12 keys workout

    • 10. Sweet Georgia Brown

    • 11. Blues demonstration in F

    • 12. Bop Blues in D demonstration

    • 13. Blue Monk 12 key workout

    • In the Summertime cover + Solo files

  9. 9
    • 1. Two Big ideas - Module Introduction

    • 2. Three Cycle 5 workouts

    • 3. Connecting Dominant 7th lines

    • 4. Two Essential Blues Cliche endings you need to know!

    • 5. Blues demonstration in F using 10 note soul scale

    • 6. Blues in C featuring the 10 note Soul scale

    • 7. Lazy Blues in Eb and E

    • 8. Connecting Blues in Bb

    • 9. Connecting Blues in D

    • 10. Beat box Blues in Eb featuring the 10 note Soul scale

    • 11. Q and A workout

    • 12. Limehouse Blues

    • 13. Playing the Major 7th on a dominant 7th chord

    • 14. Blues in F demonstration featuring the Major 7th

    • 15. Blues in Bb Featuring the Major 7th

    • 16. Beat Box Blues in G featuring the Major 7th

  10. 10
    • 1. Combining the Major and Minor PENTATONICS

    • 2. Ways to Practice the Major and Minor Blues scales

    • 3. Ways to USE the Major and Minor Pentatonic

    • 4. Major and Minor pentatonic 12 key practice

    • 5. Combining the Major and Minor Blues scales

    • 6. Ways to practice the Major Minor Blues scale

    • 7. How to USE the Major MInor Blues scale

    • 8. MajorMinor Blues scale in 12 keys

    • 9. Introducing the Major and Minor Bebop Blues scale

    • 10. How to practice the Bebop Blues scale

    • 11. Ways to USE the Bebop Blues scale

    • 12. Demonstration of the Bebop Blues scale in 12 keys

    • 13. Hidden Tritones

    • 14. Harmonising the Major and Minor Pentatonic

    • 15. Adding Grace Notes = Adding Soul

    • 16. Tutorial - 3 Classic Examples of Blues in Jazz tunes

    • 17. Examples of Bebop in 4 killer Jazz solos

    • 18. Mixing Bebop, Altered and Blues - BAB - the sounds you need to know!

    • 19. Charlie Parker Blues examples

    • 20. Major and Minor examples over a static groove

    • 21. Non Symmetrical Scale collection

Your Course Tutor

Hi, my name is Nick Homes, musician, saxophonist, educator and musical mentor.

I was, and still am a non genius musician who struggled for many years to find out the secrets of jazz playing. Throughout 35 years of playing, and obsessive investigation I have focussed on building systems of learning for myself and students so they can improve , and reach their goals with the highest probability.

My learning journey

In 2005 I moved to Argentina, as I was looking to submerge myself in new sounds and experiences. It was difficult at 39 to learn a new language from scratch. At times I felt stupid , confused and that the task was simply too big, and these feelings were sometimes exacerbated when people criticised my efforts at speaking that had cost me so much hard work.

Little did I realise at the time , but this whole experience was perfect training for what I do today- which is to teach the language of Jazz. You see I don´t want anyone to feel the frustration I felt learning spanish. For that reason I have loving spent the last year putting together the Soul Scale Course.

Improvising for me should be as easy and as natural as speaking a language. 

In English we ‘play’ an instrument. In Spanish, the verb is ‘tocar’ - to touch. I like the English version so much more ☺ Music for me should always be playful, fun, a blast!

Even when the musical mood is serious, it can still be enjoyable. That has been my fundamental motto in preparing this course which is the result of 40 years of personal development.

Above all this course has been written to inspire you to keep you learning. I hope you enjoy it!

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More Student Reviews

What previous students say about the Soul Scale Course!

David Clarke 


I'm Beginning To Sound Like A Stuck Record!

Every time I write a review for the Jazz Duets courses I buy I find myself saying the same thing and sounding like a stuck record. So here I go again. Module 7 of the Soul Scale Course is excelleent as are all the other modules. Not only is the content excellent as an educational resource but the value is excellent as well. What more can I say apart from excellent! Thanks Nick.

Lionel Pochet 


Soul Scale Course

Soul Scale Course So far, I am very happy with the course and the format. I like the format and especially the stepwise approach. Lionel

Read more reviews here..

You Should Take This Course If..

  • You are serious about improvisation and want to commit to a learning journey of many months!

  • You already play an instrument and want the solid and broad musical foundation needed to improvise Jazz and Blues.

  • You are looking for an abundance of material to keep you busy for literally years.

  • You are hungry to know and practice the secret exotic Jazz notes the greats use.

  • You are looking for a tried and tested study method that will take you closer to your goals.

Don't take this course if..

  • You are looking for quick fix superficial hacks.

  • You are going to give up as soon as you find the material challenging.

  • You are solely interested in learning to play complex chord progressions, as that is not the focus of the Soul Scale course.

  • You are not willing to commit yourself to a sustained learning journey. Real growth takes time.

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  • Is the Soul Scale Course for all player levels?

    Yes! To be able to handle the technical side of the course you need to be able to play major and minor scales up to 3 sharps and flats, read basic rhythms and be able to read sheet music that is of moderate level. Module by module the material becomes deeper. This way, the course is interesting for Jazz improvisation beginners, intermediate & advanced players.

  • Can I view the lessons on any device?

    Yes! The videos can be viewed on any device as long as you are connected to the internet. They are streamed from a private server in High Definition and can be watched an unlimited number of times.

  • Are there PDF + Audio downloads?

    Yes. Almost every class comes with a PDF and Mp3 demonstration and various Play alongs. Many times Pdfs are in 12 keys where deemed necessary!

  • Will I have lifetime access to the course?

    Yes! You will have life time access to the course material, through Thinkific or on any of the Jazzduets platforms.

  • Can you help, if I'm unhappy with the course?

    Yes! We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us and we'll be sure to quickly resolve any issues you might have.

  • Does the instrument I play matter?

    No! The Soul Scale Course is for all instruments. Even though the demonstrations are on the Saxophone mainly, the material has been prepared to make it friendly and usable on most instruments. Concert, Bb and Eb parts are provided for all the material

  • How is the course delivered?

    Once purchased, an email will be sent to you to set your account password with Thinkific, our course learning platform. You will have direct access to the modules you purchased and to the community discussions! This way, all of the students are on the same page and we can always assist you inside the newly opened module inside the community!

  • What is my time commitment?

    Most of the modules contain around 17+ classes, making it feasible to complete a module every 4 weeks. Some of the musical concepts will be instantly digestible and applicable, however others will take weeks and months of repeated study to incorporate fully.

  • Is the Free Classes signup really free?

    Yes! Once you sign up, you will receive a Thinkific login to preview your free classes, plus a signup confirmation to our email database, so we can contact you from time to time with offers and news.

Review: Christoph Wagner

Great, as all the stuff at Jazzduets. Must be done with 💗

Not cheap but worth every pence! Ever searched (and now found) for a structured long time practicing and learning experience, that is straight to the point, clear and easy understandable in each detail and reproducible, especially by no pros. With the possibility to do at your own individual speed and skills . Reviews as much as needed and wherever you want. Best of all: don't get lost and perceive your progress. Didactically perfect! Thanks again Nick! Best, Chris ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Christoph Wagner ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐