...this amazing sound on to a Blues. As well as in every module there are multiple specially written demonstration solos to study and aid deep, lasting musical assimilation.

  • 25 Individual video classes from The Blues Arpeggio
  • PDFs accompanying the video classes in various keys
  • Multiple MP3 practice downloads
  • Question and answer musical repetition class
  • Interactive community discussions for each class
  • Including course introduction module
  • Including pre-course study module (10 video classes)
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  • Course curriculum

      1. WATCH ME if you are new to improvisation

      2. 1.1 Ways to practice the Major and Minor Arpeggios

      3. 1.2 Improvising on a Blues just using Arpeggio notes

      4. 1.3 Fundamental Combination Arpeggio practice around the cycle

      5. 1.4 Amazing ´SECRET´Major arpeggio to know

      6. 2. Swing Jazz 8th notes Explanation

      7. 3. Jazz Rhythm Practice without instrument

      8. The Non Symmetrical Major/Minor Arpeggio

      9. I to IV Improvisation just using arpeggio notes

      10. 153 stretched cycle 5 workout

      1. 1. The Soul Pentatonic

      2. 2. Practicing the Soul Pentatonic (singing)

      3. 3. Slow Drone practice of Soul Pentatonic in various keys

      4. 4. Soul Pentatonic demonstration practice in 12 keys

      5. 5. THE Soul Note of the Major Pentatonic vs The Non Soul,Note of the Major Scale

      6. 6. Combination practice. 651

      7. 7. Famous Major Pentatonic (Traditional) tunes to practice and learn by ear!

      8. 8. Major pentatonic Harmonic tutorial

      9. 9. Flexibility, starting on different degrees of the Bb Soul Pentatonic (Rubato)

      10. 10. Short repetition exercises on Soul Pentatonic

      11. 11. Different degrees of the Soul Pentatonic on slow jazz groove in F

      12. 12. Different degrees of the Soul pentatonic with RHYTHM

      13. 13. Rhythmic singing exercises

      14. 14. Soul Pentatonic round the cycle of 4ths/5ths

      15. 15. Soul Pentatonic Triplet Study on cycle of 5ths

      16. 16. Soul Pentatonic lines on static F Jazz groove

      17. 17. Soul Pentatonic on a static F major medium up Jazz groove

      18. 18. The Soul Pentatonic on a Country Groove in Bb

      19. 19. How to play the Soul Pentatonic on a Bb Blues TUTORIAL

      20. 20.The Soul Pentatonic on a simple Jazz Blues in F

      21. 21. The Soul Pentatonic on a simple Blues in Bb

      22. 22. Soul Pentatonic on a Simple Blues in G

      23. 23. Variation on the Soul Pentatonic featuring the 4th

      24. 24. I to IV Soul Pentatonic Tutorial and demos

      25. M2C25 - I to IV7 Soul Pentatonic solo

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