MODULE 8 - Combining the Major and Minor Pentatonics

There is something that pleases the human Ear by ascending using the major pentatonic - and descending using the minor pentatonic. Would you agree?
So combing the Major and Minor pentatonic like this in a Non Symmetrical way is a great, tremendously useful concept to practice and incorporate.

Module 8

Course Contents

  • 21 meticulously prepared deep dive video classes 
  • PDFs accompanying the video classes in various keys 
  • MP3 practice downloads for all classes
  • Focus on how to incorporate the major and minor pentatonics
  • Essential Blues Cliche endings Harmonic tutorial
  • Question and Answer Eartraining workout
  • Interactive community discussions for each class 
  • Including course introduction module
  • Including pre-course study module 
  • Lifetime access to the course material 
  • Course curriculum

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      1. WATCH ME if you are new to improvisation

      2. 1.1 Ways to practice the Major and Minor Arpeggios

      3. 1.2 Improvising on a Blues just using Arpeggio notes

      4. 1.3 Fundamental Combination Arpeggio practice around the cycle

      5. 1.4 Amazing ´SECRET´Major arpeggio to know

      6. 2. Swing Jazz 8th notes Explanation

      7. 3. Jazz Rhythm Practice without instrument

      8. The Non Symmetrical Major/Minor Arpeggio

      9. I to IV Improvisation just using arpeggio notes

      10. 153 stretched cycle 5 workout

      1. 1. Combining the Major and Minor PENTATONICS

      2. 2. Ways to Practice the Major and Minor Blues scales

      3. 3. Ways to USE the Major and Minor Pentatonic

      4. 4. Major and Minor pentatonic 12 key practice

      5. 5. Combining the Major and Minor Blues scales

      6. 6. Ways to practice the Major Minor Blues scale

      7. 7. How to USE the Major MInor Blues scale

      8. 8. MajorMinor Blues scale in 12 keys

      9. 9. Introducing the Major and Minor Bebop Blues scale

      10. 10. How to practice the Bebop Blues scale

      11. 11. Ways to USE the Bebop Blues scale

      12. 12. Demonstration of the Bebop Blues scale in 12 keys

      13. 13. Hidden Tritones

      14. 14. Harmonising the Major and Minor Pentatonic

      15. 15. Adding Grace Notes = Adding Soul

      16. 16. Tutorial - 3 Classic Examples of Blues in Jazz tunes

      17. 17. Examples of Bebop in 4 killer Jazz solos

      18. 18. Mixing Bebop, Altered and Blues - BAB - the sounds you need to know!

      19. 19. Charlie Parker Blues examples

      20. 20. Major and Minor examples over a static groove

      21. 21. Non Symmetrical Scale collection

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    • Is the Soul Scale Course for all player levels?

      Yes! To be able to handle the technical side of the course you need to be able to play major and minor scales up to 3 sharps and flats, read basic rhythms and be able to read sheet music that is of moderate level. Module by module the material becomes deeper. This way, the course is interesting for Jazz improvisation beginners, intermediate & advanced players.

    • Can I view the lessons on any device?

      Yes! The videos can be viewed on any device as long as you are connected to the internet. They are streamed from a private server in High Definition and can be watched an unlimited number of times.

    • Are there PDF + Audio downloads?

      Yes. Almost every class comes with a PDF and Mp3 demonstration and Playalongs. Many times Pdfs are in 12 keys where deemed necessary!

    • Will I have lifetime access to the course?

      Yes! You will have life time access to the course material, through Thinkific or on any of the Jazzduets platforms.

    • Can you help, if I'm unhappy with the course?

      Yes! We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us and we'll be sure to quickly resolve any issues you might have.

    • Does the instrument I play matter?

      No! The Soul Scale Course is for all instruments. Even though the demonstrations are on the Saxophone mainly, the material has been prepared to make it friendly and usable on most instruments. Concert, Bb and Eb parts are provided for all the material

    • How is the course delivered?

      Once purchased, an email will be sent to you to set your account password with Thinkific, our course learning platform. You will have direct access to the modules you purchased and to the community discussions! This way, all of the students are on the same page and we can always assist you inside the newly opened module inside the community!

    • What is my time commitment?

      Most of the modules contain around 15+ classes, making it feasible to complete a module every 4 weeks. Some of the musical concepts will be instantly digestible and applicable, however others will take weeks and months of repeated study to incorporate fully.

    • Is the Free Classes signup really free?

      Yes! Once you sign up, you'll be receiving a Thinkific login to preview your free classes, plus a signup confirmation to our email database. I'd love to check in once in a while how you are doing with the free classes, and inform you about other interesting resources. And yes, there are no costs for the free classes.